Study in Russia: 2018 Russian Government Scholarship for International Students

Study in Russia: 2018 Russian Government Scholarship for International Students
Study in Russia: 2018 Russian Government Scholarship for International Students

Russian Government Scholarship for International Students

The Russian Government is glad to announce its Russian Government Scholarships for International Students in Russia.  These scholarship is open to all international students wishing to study in Russia at any level. The scholarship are for  undergraduate study in Russia for international students, Masters study scholarship in Russia for international students and PhD scholarships in Russia for International students.

Every year the Russian government provides so-called ‘state-funded spots’ at universities to international applicants. In 2017, 15,000 such spots were granted.

The aim of the scholarships is to strengthen the bond between foreign and Russian students.

Well before we dive in into details about the Russian Government scholarships for international students , permit me to digress a little.
Even without the scholarship ,Russia is one the best study locations in the world , their tuition fees are relatively affordable, the quality education  can be compared to that of other European countries you may also wish to study , their rich culture will give a real study abroad experience . Below is a complete  explanation of what tuition fee are like for international students that wants to study in Russia.


Russian Government Scholarships for International Students in Russia

The number of state-funded places for international students allocated to a country depends on the nature of its cooperation with Russia. Some countries have agreements defining not only the number of funded places, but subjects as well.

LEVEL/ FIELD OF STUDY| Who may receive a Grant

All candidates with the secondary school and vocational school finished (school, technical school, lyceum, etc.) and successfully passed competitive selection in their own country can receive a grant.


Scholarship can be taken in Russia. At Russian universities, you can study to join almost any profession currently in demand on the global market. Applicants only need to select the programme that is best for them. Decide on your criteria (subject, town, form of study, and instruction language) and start your search.


ELIGIBLE Countries

The scholarship is open to international students that wants to study at any level in Russia.

As an international student you just dont study in a foreign country without study visa . here we will be showing you how to get your student visa to study in Russia.

How to Apply 

A foreign student who wants to study in Russia requires a Russian student visa to fulfil this purpose. In order to apply for a Russian student visa, a student must first secure a place at a Russian educational institute. It is granted to those international students who are enrolled on academic or language courses in Russia.

The Russia student visa is issued as a single entry visa that is initially granted for a period of 3 months to 1 year. It is an extendable visa that can be extended depending on the duration of the course of study. It may be converted into a multiple-entry visa after three months of the student’s arrival in Russia.

3 stages of Russian student visa application process

A Russian student visa process has three stages-invitation letter, visa application and visa registration.

Stage 1 – Invitation letter

The first stage to obtain a student visa to Russia is to acquire an invitation letter. It is also referred to as ‘visa support.’ After you secure admission in an educational institute in Russia, a letter of Invitation will be issued to you from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Regional Office.

In case Regional Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not situated in the region where you plan to study in, an invitation letter must be issued by the University, Institute or College where you have enrolled for your course of study.

The invitation must be issued on the official letter head of the University or Institute or College and must be signed by the rector. The invitation must be certified either by the Office for International Affairs of the local administration or by the local office of the Ministry of Interior.

Stage 2 – Visa Application

The second stage to obtain a student visa to Russia is to apply for the visa at a Russian embassy or consulate. Before applying for a student visa to Russia a student must check the rules of application and the required visa fees from the Russian embassy in his or her home country.

Stage 3 – Visa Registration

The third and final stage to obtain a student visa to Russia is to register the visa upon arrival in Russia. After a student arrives in Russia he or she must register the student visa within seven days of arrival. Normally it is done by the University or the educational institute where the student enrolled for the course of study.

Eligibility criteria for Russian student visa

To be eligible for Russian student visa you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • You must have a valid and signed passport that has at least two blank pages
  • Your passport must have a validity that extends the duration of the visa you are applying for by at least 6 months
  • You must have a copy of your Russian visa application form, completed and signed by you
  • You must have the original letter of invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Regional Office or the University or educational institute where you have enrolled for your course
  • You must provide certificates of your current diploma or degree or educational qualification
  • You must provide proof of tuition fee payment to the University or College or Institute where you plan to study
  • You must provide an original HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate showing a negative result. The test must be a recent one and must not have been conducted more than three months ago
  • You must display your intention to leave Russia at the end of your authorized stay

Steps to follow to apply for a Russian student visa

Before you apply for Russian student visa, check the time needed for the visa application process to be completed. Once you are sure of that, you can go ahead with the application procedure mentioned below.

Step 1: Obtain Invitation Letter or Visa Support

As mentioned earlier, the first step towards obtaining a Russian student visa is to get an invitation letter after being enrolled in a University or College or Educational Institute. It will be provided to you by the inviting college or institute or University.

Step 2: Fill out the Visa Application Form

Fill the Russian student visa application form online and print the completed visa application form. You can also download the application form and then fill it up. Remember to sign the completed visa application form.

Step 3:  Gather the required documents

Make a check list of the documents that you need to submit along with your application form. Gather all the documents and keep them ready for submission.

Step 4: Get the visa photograph taken

Provide your recent colour photograph for the visa application. Make sure that your photograph matches or corresponds to all the specifications required for visa photographs. In most cases you will need to submit at least two passport photographs along with your visa application form. You will also need to sign the photographs on the reverse side.

Step 5: Keep the visa application fee ready

Keep ready the visa application fee that you will need to submit along with your application form. Check with the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country to find out the fees and the mode of payment accepted by them.

Step 6: Submit the visa application form

Submit your visa application at your local Russian Embassy for a single entry student visa. You will have to submit the visa application and the required documents along with the required application fee in person.

Generally Russian embassies do not accept visa applications and documents from authorized persons, representatives or agents under any circumstance. You will be provided a receipt after you submit the visa application and the required fee.

Step 7: Wait for the visa decision

After submission, wait for a decision to be taken regarding your visa application. You will be provided a date on which you can get in touch with the embassy regarding the visa. Contact the embassy on that date to know if you have been granted the visa.

Step 8: Collect the student visa

Collect the visa on the specified date. To collect your visa you must carry the receipt given to you after the submission of your application form and visa fee.

Step 9: Obtain a Migration Card

You will need to obtain a migration card at the point of entry into Russia. It is a form that you must complete and submit at passport control. Half of the form will be kept at the passport control and half will be returned to you after being stamped. You must retain your half till you exit Russia.

Step 10: Register the student visa

You must get your visa registered within seven days of your entry in Russia. In case of student visas, it is normally the inviting party (University or College or Language School or Institute) that arranges for the visa registration of the students.

You will have to provide your passport with the Russian student visa and the migration card to the University’s or educational institute’s foreign department. After your registration is done, you will be provided with a proof of your visa registration, which you must retain carefully till you exit the country.

Extension of Russian student visa

In case your course is longer than three months, your student visa will be extended after you arrive in Russia. The visa will be valid for the entire duration of your course. You may convert your single entry visa to multiple-entry visa depending on the length and type of your course.

Note that once your visa is converted or extended, you will be issued a new visa in your passport.


Fees for Russian Student Visa

The fees required for Russian student visa varies according to the country that issued the passport to the student. However, note that your application fee will not be refunded if your application for a student visa is refused or rejected for any reason.

Dos and don’ts of Russian student visa

You need to remember the following dos and don’ts while applying for Russian student visa.


  • Apply for a student visa at least three months in advance of your planned travel date to allow enough time for the application procedure to be completed on time
  • Fill up your application form carefully with all accurate details
  • Provide photos that are of matt finish and not glossy finish
  • Bring original copies and photocopies of all supporting documents when you come to submit your visa application form at the application centre
  • Consult the Russian embassy or consulate in your country to check whether any additional document is required


  • Do not present false documents for your student visa
  • Do not hide or misrepresent facts in your application


The government scholarship includes:
  • free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen programme;
  • maintenance allowance (for the entire duration of study regardless of the candidate’s success). In 2017, an average scholarship amounted to 1,500 roubles a month (approximately USD 25);
  • dormitory accommodation (if available).
The government scholarship does not include:
  • travel costs;
  • living expenses;
  • voluntary health insurance policy.

International students (university graduates) who are completing internships in program of additional vocational education (professional training or career advancement) do not receive a maintenance allowance, but do receive accommodation in the dormitory of their university

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

  • Eligible Countries: International
  • Entrance Requirements: Participation is open to all holders of Bachelor’s degrees, except for Russian citizens.
  • English Language Requirements: Participants can take part in either Russian or English language.

Competitive selection process

The candidate has to be registered on the portal and send the application for a quota. Competitive selections take place in two stages.

The first stage will take place in your country. For this purpose, it is necessary to contact the Russian center of science and culture (RCSC). If in your country there is no RCSC, it is necessary to contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The second stage consists in selection of suitable candidates by the Russian universities. Results of competitive selection will be known after consideration by higher education institutions of all arrived applications

Where and what are the selection events format

The selection event take place on the basis of RCSC or the Russian Embassy.

How to find out the result of competitive selection

In 1-2 months after passing of competitive selection in your own country and selection by the chosen higher education institutions in Russia you will be informed about results. If competitive selection not passed, you can send the application for studying by contract and enter the Russian university on a paid basis. For this purpose send the request for the contract, which is saved on your personal account of, creating new one isn’t necessary.

Application Procedure

How to Apply: Applicants can apply through the online processor.

Online Application

Study in Russia: 2018 Russian Government Scholarship for International Students
Study in Russia: 2018 Russian Government Scholarship for International Students

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