Academic Dean Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Applicants at Coventry University, UK


The Coventry University is offering the Academic Dean Scholarship for international students wishing to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. This scholarship is intended for self-funded international students only. THey are available to both postgraduate and undergraduate students.

To be considered for an Academic Dean Scholarship, applicants should complete an undergraduate application form or a postgraduate application form via both email and post and return by the deadline date . If you are successful you will be notified in due course.

More information can be obtained here





  1. Scholarships Are Given To Undergraduates And Others Who Cannot Even Afford The Tuition To Start Are Greatly Affected And Left Behind.

  2. I am an asylum seeker/refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo in South Africa.I want to ask if I am eligible to apply.

    • Due to situation, we believe you qualify as a self-funded student. However, you must seek admission into Coventry University first. We wish you the best.

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