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International Development Youth Forum 2016
How to apply for “Agenda Setting”

Application deadline:
September 9, 23:59 (GMT/UTC +09:00), 2015

 ※In IDYF2016, there are 2 types of selection; ”Agenda Setting” and ”Member Selection”.
This page is for applicants for “Agenda Setting”.
For detailed information, please read through 1.3.”Agenda Setting” and “Member Selection”.

1.1. Our Mission and Aims

・Our Mission

We aim to create a better future based on diversified values and experiences of youth from both developed and developing countries. We aim to empower youth, who are to become the leaders of the future, by finding solutions to the problems of developing countries, through discussions with their peers from different backgrounds.


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1.2. What IDYF 2016 aspires to achieve

Since its establishment in 2012, IDYF has provided opportunities to create solutions to International Development problems, through discussions among youth from every part of the world.
In IDYF2016, we aim to find effective and feasible solutions. We strongly hope our participants will apply their experiences obtained in IDYF2016 to overcome problems faced in their respective countries.

1.3. About “Agenda Setting” and “Member Selection”

 To provide an appropriate program to realize our abovementioned goals, IDYF 2016 will consist of two separate steps: “Agenda Setting” and “Member Selection”.

①Agenda Setting:Open NOW!

If you’re facing any international development issue you’d like to tackle in IDYF2016, we highly appreciate your application to the “Agenda Setting”. In this selection process, we select ONE international development problem from those submitted from the youths from all over the world. The program of IDYF 2016 will be structured to enable participants to create solutions to create solutions for the problem.

If you pass this selection

・you participate in the program of IDYF2016 in Tokyo, March 2016.
・you would be frequently asked to provide your expriences and information about the problem, especially in October (when we structure the program) and March (when IDYF2016 is held).
・we highly appreciate your intention to make the outcomes of IDYF 2016 into practice.
 This is our first time to hold “Agenda Setting” process. This selection is opened now until September 7. The detail is described below.

②Selection: Opened from November

In “Member Selection”, we select participants for the program of IDYF 2016. If you pass this selection;

・you participate in the program of IDYF 2016 in Tokyo, March 2016.
・you would be asked to actively be involved in the discussion to create solutions to the probllem, which is selected in “Agenda Setting”.

“Member Selection” is similar to the selection processes we have held since IDYF was established. This selection process is opened from November. The detail will be announced later.

1.4. The Program of IDYF2016

①Issue Analysis

In IDYF2016, we aim to create solutions with high effectivity and feasibility to the problem selected in the “Agenda Setting”. To achiebe this, we provide 8-day program, which consists of 4 elements; “Issue Analysis”, “Inputs from the Experts”, “Group Discussion”, “Presentation and Feedback”. The detailed information will be announced when we complete the planning of the program, with the support of the participants selected in the “Agenda Setting”.

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2.1. Duration of IDYF 2016

From 6/3/2016 to 13/3/2016 (8 days)

2.2 Location

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC)
Address: 3-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0052
Phone: 03-3469-2525
Website: Website:

2.3. Application requirements

・Youth from all over the world from 18 to 28 years old
・Any nationality is welcomed
・As we would like to provide opportunities for more people to participate in IDYF, we kindly ask members of IDYF of previous years to refrain from applying

2.4 We are looking for members who are able to:

・Provide information about the issue discussed at IDYF 2016 and about the lifestyle in the target region
・Embrace the diversity of values of other members and actively participate in discussion
・Apply the experience obtained in ADYF 2016 and try to realize the solutions created during the forum

2.5. Membership quota

At “Agenda Setting” we will choose up to 8 participants. (There will be a total of 50 participants including those chosen in “Member Selection”)

2.6. Participation fee

30,000 JPY / person
*Accommodation and meals are included
*Insurance, transportation expenses (including transportation from the airport), accommodation before and after the program, are not included. Additional expenses may apply.
*We will contact your representative later regarding the method of payment

<About the scholarship>
We have a scholarship to allow youth with financial difficulties to join IDYF 2016. The scholarship will be given only to those who have passed stringent checks. The scholarship will include:
① Flight ticket
② Participation costs

3. How to apply for “Agenda Setting”

3.1. Selection process

You can apply to “Agenda Setting” as an individual or a group (up to 8 people will be selected). Group application is especially welcomed.
There will be two stages in “Agenda Setting”: ①Application selection and②Interview selectionw.
You can apply to “Agenda Setting” as an individual or a group (up to 8 people will be selected).
Group application is especially welcomed.
There will be two stages in “Agenda Setting”: ①Application selection and ②Interview selection.

3.2. Please fill in the form in the URL below.

Please fill in the form in the URL below.
※Application deadline is 7th September, 2015, 23:59 (GMT/UTC +09:00)

3.3 Application deadline

※Application deadline is 7th September, 2015, 23:59 (GMT/UTC +09:00).

Application deadline

・No applications will be accepted after the deadline.
・Application will only be accepted once.
・After we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. If you do not get a confirmation e-mail by 4th September, please contact us

3.4. Announcement of selection results

Selection results will be announced via the e-mail used for application during September. No cancellation of participation will be accepted after this announcement. Please check your schedule before applying.


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